For unregistered users Nittro Forums doesn't store any cookies whatsoever. This includes Google Analytics (which we don't use at all).

Registered users will get a couple of cookies from us - these are kept strictly to the minimum required to enable features available to signed in users. These cookies can be used by us to identify you as a returning user - but you probably want that if you signed up for an account.

Personal data storage and processing

For unregistered users we don't store any personal data.

Registered users' profiles contain the information you provided to us when you registered. This includes:

  • Your e-mail address, which we use strictly to notify you of updates to topics and / or categories you subscribe to. Your address is never disclosed to other users, nor to third parties.
  • Your full name, which we display to other users to give you more of a human face
  • Your profile picture (a.k.a. avatar), for similar reasons

You are not required to enter your real name nor a real picture of you; your online identity is yours to craft as you see fit. It is, however, recommended that you provide a working e-mail address, otherwise you won't be notified of new content even if you wish to be.

We also keep track of which topics up to which post each registered user has seen. We need to do this in order to be able to send you relevant notifications about topics you subscribe to, as well as to be able to show you in-app information about new replies to topics you have visited in the past.

We will never intentionally share any of your personal data with any third party and we've taken numerous steps to ensure they don't get out unintentionally, either.

Intellectual property

You are strictly forbidden from using Nittro Forums to share any intellectual property that you are not in a position to make available to the general public. Please take care to read up on the licenses of any 3rd party code you use in your projects as well as your company's policy regarding the discussion of company code on a public forum before you post it here. Nittro Forums cannot bear any responsibility if you break this rule. A serious breach is considered sufficient grounds for the instant obliteration of your user account; un-delete is not an option.