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Hi there,

I've came to following situation:

  • i have form (person information) with multiple contacts (phones / emails)
  • i'm using FormsReplicator to render contacts
  • there are multiple submit buttons
    • general submit button
    • add contact button
    • remove contact button (multiple)

Is there some way to disable transition when form is submitted by add or remove contact btns, but let transition work when form is submitted by general submit button?


Hi @Yess, well, there is a way, but it ain't easy.. Nittro currently doesn't have any way of altering transaction behaviour via data attributes of the submit buttons of forms - only the data attributes of the form element itself. I think the easiest way to do this would be to listen for the click event on all the submit buttons and then setting the data-transition attribute in the handler, something like this (should be placed within the same snippet as the <form> element; assuming the submit buttons all share the class btn):

<script type="application/javascript">
_stack.push([function(di, DOM) {
    di.getService('page').getSnippet({ myForm}).setup(function(form) {
        DOM.addListener(form, 'click', DOM.delegate('.btn', function(evt, btn) {
            if (btn.value === 'general') {
            } else {
                form.setAttribute('data-transition', 'false');
}, {
    DOM: 'Utils.DOM'

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