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Hi, I'm trying to implement custom service that will execute on every update of the page to reinitialize e.g. tooltips on page etc.

I wrote it according to The constructor gets called, but the update callback is never executed. The actual pages are loaded correctly via nittro, just my update callbacks are never called. I ran out of ideas - could you please point me somewhere, what to check, what might be wrong? Thanks.

This is my code now:

_context.invoke('App.Services', function (DOM) {

    var PageUpdateHelper = _context.extend(function (page) {

        this._ = {
            page: page

        console.log('constuctor called'); // called ok
        console.log(page); // called ok'update', function () {
            console.log('direct function called'); // never called
        });'update', this._handleUpdate.bind(this));
    }, {
        _handleUpdate: function () {
            console.log('handle update called'); // never called

    _context.register(PageUpdateHelper, 'PageUpdateHelper');

}, {DOM: 'Utils.DOM'});

And one more information - from the console.log(page) above, I can see that my callbacks are registered in _.eventEmitter.listeners.update.


Hi, you're right on track, you're just using the wrong event of the wrong service - the page service has no update event, it might've been there long ago in the pre-2.0 versions, but in current Nittro you need to inject snippetManager instead and listen for its after-update event :-) it will be called each time one or more snippets are updated by Nittro as well as upon the initial page load. Sorry about the misleading documentation, I'll fix it asap!


Hi, thanks a lot. It's working now with the snippetManager and after-update event ;)


no problem :-) glad it helped :-)

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